Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

London Fashion Week became sensation after the models appear with fake pubic hair


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - The models at Pam Hogg's fashion show at London Fashion Week became a sensation. Because, the models used skin color bodysuit with fur accents in some parts, right in the neck, arms, chest and intimate area.  The bodysuit with skin color complete with feather trimmings so that the model appears to appear with fake pubic hair. 

The strange collection with fake pubic hair was also shown in some clothes designed by Pam Hogg. Other collections are still themed with body suits, but are made more feminine with tulle material and flower embroidery. There are also those who appear with clothing intersecting lingerie from the skin. 

Pam Hogg's collection for the Autumn / Winter 2019 collection shows more sexiness. 

Pam Hogg is known as a designer whose collection often makes a sensation because of the sexiness and strangeness of his design.

The British designer does have a different side of art. 

In an interview with the Guardian, the designer said, "Don't call me normal. If you give people who they want, they will stagnate. Give them something they don't know what they want," he said, as quoted by the Guardian.






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