Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Again, Riau contributes the most hotspots in Sumatra island today


IllustrationIllustration - Monday, February 25th 2019, Hotspots in Riau Province are still burning. Even Riau contributes the most hotspots on the island of Sumatra today.

As stated by Head of Information Section of BMKG Pekanbaru Station, Marzuki. "Sumatra Hotspot with a level of trust above 50 percent is 36 points. Most from Riau 32 points, Aceh one point, Riau Islands one point, and North Sumatra two points" he said.

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Riau Hotspot is mostly in Siak with 12 points and Bengkalis nine points, four points in Dumai, Pelalawan three points, Rokan Hilir one point, and Indragiri Hilir three points.

"Hotspots with a confidence level above 70 percent are 14 points. Spread in Bengkalis four points, Dumai two points, Pelalawan one point, and Siak seven points" Marzuki said.


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