Monday, 27 May 2019

The farthest object on our solar system has been found, and was named FarFarOut by the founder


IllustrationIllustration - Located 140 AU from the Sun, Astronomers find an object named FarFarOut. The space object is believed to be the farthest space object in our Solar System.

Quoted from, on March 10th 2019, it was mentioned that an astronomer from the Carnegie Institution, Washington DC, United States named Scott Sheppard found a dim round object located at the edge of our Solar System, in February, which then he named as FarFarOut.

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Scott Sheppard estimates that FarFarOut's distance is 140 Astronomical Units (AU) from the Sun. One AU is equivalent to the distance of the Earth to the Sun, around 150 million kilometers.

For comparison, the planet Pluto which was once called the farthest planet in our Solar System has a distance of 39.5 AU from the Sun.

The discovery, if confirmed, meant Sheppard breaks the discovery of his own team in December 2018. At that time Sheppard discovered a dwarf planet named Farout, which was 120 AU from the Sun.

In his statement, Sheppard said that FarFarOut is very dim. "We don't have much information about this object, including knowing its orbital path. We only know that the object is far, far away" Sheppard explained.

Because it is located very far from the Sun, both FarOut and FarFarOut, move very slowly across their orbital paths in the solar system. Astronomers will need years to determine the orbit of these two objects.


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