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Turns out, this is the reason why the food we cooked stick in the pan even though it is nonstick pan


IllustrationIllustration - Almost everyone has a problem of sticky foods in the pan, especially eggs. It turns out that this has scientific reasons. Anyone who has ever fried eggs in a skillet must have experienced sticky eggs in the pan so that it is difficult to turn or lift it. This can happen to other foods. Like fish and fried chicken.

The solution to this common problem in the cooking world has been overcome by the discovery of nonstick frying pans. The pan itself is coated with nonstick ingredients so that the foods fry in the pan don’t stick. But this alone couldn’t solve the problem. "The pan with as good as any quality, the hole on the pans will still exist on the surface of that pan if heated" said Joseph Provost, a bio-chemist from the University of San Diego.

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He wrote the report 'The Science of Cooking Understanding: The Biology and Chemistry Behind Food and Cooking'. Quoted from Goodfood on March 12th 2019 in the report explained that when the pan is heated, all the elements of that pan will expand. This makes the egg trapped in a rattle or a small hole on the surface of the pan, so that is the reason why eggs could be sticked on the pan.

Moreover, eggs have two things to deal with. First the egg fluid passes through the small holes of the pan and protein of the eggs also does that. 'High heat causes protein in food and carbohydrates to form bonds to the pan' explained Halrold McGee in his book 'Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes'


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