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DC reveals why Batman never kills his opponents


IllustrationIllustration - The character Batman is known for his trauma of his parents’ death and his tendency to adopt orphans that are similar to himself. But he never kills.

Some fans have been wondering why Batman has a no-kill policy because some villains are better to be put down for good. This can be very frustrating for some fans, which is why DC introduces new character called the Grim Knight.

The Grim Knight is a darker version of Batman where he becomes a killing vigilante. He not only does not mind killing, but also embraces it. Picture a Batman and The Punisher combined into one, with the murderous tendency being increased up to eleven.

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However, the reason behind Batman’s no-kill policy is much darker than what it seems, which is revealed by Grim Knight.

At first, it seems that Bruce Wayne does not kill to honor his parents, who despised criminals. Bruce became Batman after his parents were murdered.

Grim Knight shows us that a murderous Batman can be just as bad, if not more than his enemies. The Grim Knight #1 starts with Bruce Wayne’s origin story. But instead of freezing when his parents were murdered, hi picked up the gun and shot his parents’ murderer. And he did not stop killing from there.

For a time, it seems that The Grim Knight fulfill the fans’ secret wish to see Batman killing criminals. He is so good at his job that the police somewhat support him, except one.

Instead of being his ally and friend, in this universe, James Gordon becomes Batman’s arch nemesis. Gordon despises his method and he is right. The Grim Knight rules Gotham with iron and tech-heavy fist. Crime is eradicated but people are under constant surveillance. He will kill anyone accused of crimes, by killing them in their sleep or forcing their cars off the road. Gordon manages to take him down in the end.

By not killing his enemies, Batman keeps himself from crossing the line and keeps himself on the right side. The Grim Knight proves this.

In DC universe, some superheroes like Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Aquaman have been forced to kill someone. But not Batman.


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