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Kang Kyung Yoon, the reporter who reported the prostitution scandal among South Korean idols


Kang Kyung YoonKang Kyung Yoon - Sex and prostitution scandals involving a number of well-known artists are becoming hot issues in Korea. The case related to Seungri to Jung Joon Young became complicated and opened a number of secrets that had not been revealed before. One of the important figures who revealed it was a reporter named Kang Kyung Yoon.

Kang Kyung Yoon is the reporter who started the investigation. In an interview, she revealed how she revealed the scandal. "I stated allegations that Seungri lobbied investors by offering sexual services as a bribe last month. Since then, I have reported how original messages (containing evidence) obtained from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and from the group chat" Kyung Yoon said which quoted from Soompi.

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"I decided to report the scandal. Seungri then offered the comfort services of a woman when I knew about a fancy party in 2015 known as 'Seung-tsby (Seungri Gatsby) Party'. A party where Seungri invited and entertained a number of foreign investors that happened before Seungri founded Yuri Holdings in 2016" he added.

Kyung Yoon claimed to have started getting information about the group chat which contains videos of women having sexual activity two years ago. He also revealed that there was a female celebrity who claimed to have seen the contents of the group. But the reporter just had the opportunity to see then some time ago. As a woman, she felt she had to report this problem to the authority.


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