Monday, 27 May 2019

Teacher in Malaysia made pizza for her students so they can taste pizza for the first time


IllustrationIllustration - A teacher from Malaysia, decided to make pizza. The goal is that so 32 of her students can taste pizza for the first time in their lives. Alia Nadiera is a teacher in a school, located in a remote area in Sarawak, Malaysia. She recently shared her experiences and acts of kindness, through her Twitter account @AliaNadiera, on March 11th 2019.

"That day I taught about food in class. Then I asked my students who had eaten pizza. But none of them raised their hands. Then there was a student who said that they had never eaten pizza before" Alia wrote, and the story went viral.

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According to Alia, pizza is an expensive and high end food for them. Moreover, the distance of the pizza outlets from their location is very far away. Knowing this, Alia felt sorry, then she decided to make pizza at home, with the help of her mother. She shared this simple pizza for all of her students, in total she made about 32 mini-sized pizzas.

"I hope that this pizza can give them an experience to try pizza for the first time. Food itself makes me happy, so I deliberately make other people happy by giving them food. That's the thing I always do" concluded Alia, complete with uploading photos of her student when tasting her homemade pizza.


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