Monday, 27 May 2019

Weird, this woman in English sold the leftover foods on Facebook


Rebecca WebbRebecca Webb - The internet has now become one of the trading platforms that make it easy for users to get what they want. Like this woman who sold her leftovers, which she sold on Facebook. A woman named Rebecca Webb, from Devonport, England, attracted netizens' attention to the items she sold. She sold the leftover food that she had eaten which she ordered from one of the Chinese food restaurants.

Reported by Ladbible, on March 14th 2019, Rebecca uploaded a photo containing the food box she ordered, then sold it for GBP 5. "Sold the Chinese food i just ordered a few hours ago. Faster to sell the better, leave a message as soon as possible if you want this" wrote Rebecca when posting the ad, through one of the community accounts on Facebook.

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Although she did not clearly write down what kind of food she sold. But Rebecca said, that there are four remaining chicken balls that have not been dipped in sauce, the chicken curry has not been touched, and half the portion of fried potatoes that starting to get cold.

Even Rebecca also offers free delivery services. Especially for people who want to buy food and live not far from her house. "I can deliver it if the location is still close. Please let me know if you want this" continued Rebecca. Rebecca herself revealed that her food was not selling well, and she ended up eating it by herself. "My goal is to sell leftovers, because at that time I ate too much shrimp and chicken satay" concluded Rebecca.


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