Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Protested and insulted the mother of referee, Diego Costa threatens with penalty of 12 matches ban


IllustrationIllustration - Diego Costa threatened to get a very heavy sentence for his action in match Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid. At maximum, he can get 12 matches ban. Costa was red-carded in the first half when Atletico Madrid traveled to Barcelona. He was sent off by the referee after being considered to be over protesting.

Spanish and European media said the 30-year-old temperament forward was also making insults to the referee and his mother. Not only that. Costa also touched the referee, the striker held the referee's arm when he about to given a yellow card to Diego Godin and Jose Gimenez, as part of the red card incident.

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For the protests and harsh words he said to the referee, Costa could be sentenced to two or three matches. But because at the same time he also holds the referee's arm there are more severe penalties waiting for him.

The US reported that Brazilian player could be sentenced to four to 12 matches ban, and all depend on the LaLiga disciplinary committee. Clearly, the referee Jesus Gil Manzano had written the action Costa held his arm into the match report.


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