Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

These schools in US ban any delivery foods by any students during their lunch times


IllustrationIllustration - Some schools in Michigan districts, United States, are banning pizza and other deliveries from any eateries during lunch.

They cite security, food safety, and tardiness as the reasons. Some of the schools claimed that these deliveries are being a nuisance for the faculty

“It was getting to the point where you’d have eight, 10, 15 deliveries a day. It’s a building policy: You can’t have food delivered during the school day,” said Pat Watson, the Principal of West Bloomfield School District.

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Some other schools are worried about the health and cleanliness of the food. They also take a long time to receive and distribute the deliveries.

“If they’re having to manage multiple food orders at a given lunchtime with all the other things they have to be responsible for, that’s a concern as well,” said Nick Brandon, spokesperson of Playmouth-Canton School District.


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