Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Uploading video of him kissing his own sister, this Youtuber gets harsh comments from netizen


Chris Monroe and his sister Kaitlyn O'ConnorChris Monroe and his sister Kaitlyn O'Connor - The popular Youtuber by the account name, PrankInvasion makes a prank video that displayed the content of him kissing his own sister. The video was blasphemed because it is considered too vulgar. Chris Monroe, the person behind the account of PrankInvasion, previously posted a photo with his half-sister Kaitlyn O'Connor.

In the photo Chris said that he is very close to Kaitlyn even though they are not siblings. In his photo, Chris also promoted his beautiful stepbrother Instagram. End with 'lure' to netizens that if this photo gets more than 30 thousand likes, then he and her sister will kiss on YouTube.

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And Chris's Instagram is flooded with more than 30 thousand likes. Chris kept his promise to netizens by showing him kissing with his sister. At the beginning, Kaitlyn said that she really didn't want to kiss him. "No. I don't want to kiss you. I can't kiss my brother" she said.

Then they did a kiss. One short kiss followed with another passionate kissed. The scene made the netizens disgusted. Both of them also get blasphemy in the YouTube Prank Invasion comment column.


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