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This man in Florida was killed by the animal he cared, a cassowary bird


Marvin Hajos Marvin Hajos - Some people decide to have normal pets like cats, dogs, chickens or hamsters. Some others prefer an unusual animal to be their pet. But it can be dangerous, especially if it is a wild animal that is hard to tame. It can lead to danger.

An example is what happened to this man from Alachua County, Florida, named Marvin Hajos (75). He died due to the injuries he got after being attacked by a cassowary bird on Friday, April 12th.

Hajos was found with scratches all over his body in his yard, where he kept a cassowary as his pet. The officer received the report around 10 a.m. and went to the location. Hajos was brought to hospital but he could not survive.

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After investigation, it was found out that the murderer of Hajos was his own pet, a cassowary. According to the report, he tripped on the fence of the pen, and was attacked by his pet bird. After the incident, the cassowary was secured by the police.

Cassowary is a big, flightless bird from the tropical forest of Papua and the North East area of Australia. It can grow to six feet in height and is considered one of the most dangerous birds in the world. This bird can kill human and other animals with its clawed feet that is as sharp as a dagger.

“Cassowary can cut a predator or potential threat with one swift kick,” said a member of Animal organization of San Diego.

In US, cassowaries are not sold to be consumed. But the birds are kept as pets by some collectors.


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