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These are the strange secrets of the beauty of ancient queens


IllustrationIllustration - Women, especially those with high social standing, had been trying to beautify themselves since ancient times. Queens, princesses, concubines and noble women of all ages had used several different ingredients to treat themselves, all in order to look beautiful.

In this modern time, makeup and beauty products are made by manufacturers and are processed using modern technology. Such technology did not exist long ago, and so women used makeup and beauty products that were processed in a simpler way. Some of these products were made from things that we might find strange, like feces and blood. Here are the secrets of the beauty of some of the queens in the past.

1.      Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I had used lead that was mixed with vinegar. She rubbed it onto her skin in order to make it look fair and white. She used lead after she suffered from smallpox at the age of 29. The smallpox left many scars on her body. Feeling ashamed of these scars, she hid it with lead, which is poisonous.

2.      Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is known to be one of the most beautiful women during her era. In order to maintain her beauty, she used face mask that was made from egg, milk and lemon, but that is not all. She also used a concoction made of boiled pigeon, called Eau Cosmetique de Pigeon. It was sold with a very expensive price. They needed 8 pigeons to make this concoction.

3.      Mary, Queen of Scotts

According to reports, Queen Mary of Scotts was not born with an attractive face. She had small nose and sharp jaws. But she was a queen so she had to look beautiful. To solve it, she ordered her servants to replace her bath water with white wine. She believed it would make her beautiful.

4.      Cleopatra

During her life, Cleopatra was known not only for her wisdom and intelligence, but also for her beauty. Makeup was an expensive thing at that time and she liked to beautify herself with it. But some of the beauty products she used were made from very unusual ingredients.

Her lipstick was made of mashed goat intestines mixed with crocodile feces. For her skin treatment, she bathed using 700 bottles of donkey milk every day.


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