Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

A family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia punished its household assistant by tying her up into a tree in a very hot weather


Lovely Acosta Baruelo tied up into the treeLovely Acosta Baruelo tied up into the tree - Photos showing a young woman tied to a tree went viral on social media. The woman in the photo was identified as Lovely Acosta Baruelo from the Philippines and she worked as a household assistant for wealthy family in Saudi Arabia.

As reported by the Nextshark, apparently on last Thursday, May 9th 2019, Baruelo angered her employer for leaving one of their expensive furniture in the sun for too long. As a result, the employer decided to punish her by tying her to a tree and letting her bask in the hot weather in Riyadh.

This punishment is intended to give Baruelo a lesson about how dangerous it is to be basked for hours under the sun. Meanwhile, photos circulating on social media were taken by her colleagues who also came from the Philippines.

In the photos, it is clear that the 26-year-old woman's wrists and legs are tied to her employer's tree in the yard. Apparently, this was not the only cruel punishment she had ever experiencedbecause her colleague also said that their boss would hurt them even for a small mistake.


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