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Bitten by mosquitoes, this little girl's behaviour changes drastically and she couldn't remember her parents


Lauren in the hospital bedLauren in the hospital bed - Holly Zehner (33) worried when her baby Lauren (7) had high fever up to 40 degrees. When checking with the emergency doctor, they diagnosed her with urinary tract infection (UTI) and she was allowed to go home.

But a strange incident happened after that. When Holly returned home from the pharmacy to buy medicine, her husband, Jonathan, looked scared and said something was wrong with their daughter's condition.

"When I entered the house, she did not recognize me. She looked confused and then she was angry. She asked for water and when I brought her glass of water she threw the glass instead. We called the ambulance and she was taken back to the same ER as before. They did not believe that she is the same girl" she said, quoted from the Daily Mail.

Lauren's attitude changes drastically until the medical staff had to anesthetize her just to take her blood. In fact, according to Holly, her daughter usually behaved very sweetly.

Brain scans of her showed swelling in her brain, and two days later she experienced terrible seizures. Holly described her baby gild condition like her eyes spinning and her blood pressure soaring.

Lauren was diagnosed with a rare condition called La Crosse encephalitis, an infectious disease which spread by mosquitoes. Apparently a few days before this girl had been bitten by a mosquito, which turned out to carry the virus.




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