Monday, 30 Mar 2020

Rima Theisen, the bald flight attendant that shows you that you can be whatever you want


Rima Theisen and a passangerRima Theisen and a passanger - Rima Theisen's appearance is not like the flight attendants in general. Without hair, she confidently serves passengers while traveling on the plane. Rima Theisen is a flight attendant on Virgin Atlantic which has an eccentric style. She wears a red suit which is the iconic uniform of the airline where she works and dresses neatly like her fellow flight attendants.

It's just that this 37-year-old woman appeared with a bald head. Baldness is actually the last thing she wants as a flight attendant. Rima Theisen experienced a condition called alopecia universalis. Extreme baldness conditions that make her unable to have hair on her head, arms or genital area.

Instead of wearing a wig to cover her condition, Rima chose to appear as she is with a bald head. The goal is to encourage people with different body conditions to remain confident and optimistic to achieve their dream. Not few of the passangers think she has cancer. But the judgment and gaze of people to her, she responds casually.

"People ask me if I am in chemotherapy or sick and I only answer with I live with a condition that many people have never heard of, which then made they curious and asked a lot of questions but it doesn't matter to me" Rima said, as quoted from


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