Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Niels Hoegel, a nurse in Germany that killed 85 of his patients is sentenced to life in prison


Niels Hoegel Niels Hoegel - Niels Hoegel (41), a former nurse who killed 85 of his patients is being sentenced to life in prison. This nurse is the harshest serial killer in post-war German history. Revealed in court, Niels Hoegel injected his victims with deadly drugs that could trigger heart failure or cessation of blood circulation.

He then acted as a hero to the family of victims by appearing to struggle to revive them. "Your crime cannot be understood" judge Sebastian Buehrmann told Hoegel as reported by Der Spiegel, reported by Reuters on Thursday, June 6th 2019. "The average human mind will be struggle to understand the motive of the scale of evil like this."

Hoegel in a statement in court apologized to the families of the victims and asked for their forgiveness. Hoegel had previously been charged with 100 murders in 2000-2005. He admitted 43 of them, but denied the rest. A court spokesman said he was later released from 15 charges.

In 2015 he was convicted of two murders. The court then banned him from practicing lifelong care. Under German law he can be released after 15 years, although in extreme cases, life sentences are often fully enforced.


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