Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Divorced parents can lead to their children getting obesity, study found


IllustrationIllustration - Divorced parents are often said to have a major impact on children's growth and development. Recent studies specifically looking at how divorce can contribute to making children fatter if compares with children with parents who get along.

Researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science analysed data from 7,574 children born in 2000-2002. The results showed that the 1,573 children found that their parents divorced when they were 11 years old.

Reported in the journal Demography, the body mass index of children whose parents divorced increased more than children with parents getting along. Within 36 months, children whose parents divorced are said to be more at risk for being overweight or obese.

"Early intervention can help to prevent the process that causes some children to develop unhealthy obesity in their body" the researcher was quoted as saying by the BBC on Tuesday, on June 18th 2019.

According to researchers it is possible because some economic and non-economic factors such as lack of money to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and lost time to prepare nutritious foods is the problem. The study focuses on the consequences of divorced biological parents on children. Therefore, children whose parents then reconcile are not included in the analysis.


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