Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Causing controversy, Jordania asks Netflix to stop its series 'Jinn' to broadcast in their country


IllustrationIllustration - Netflix's first original series from Saudi Arabia, Jinn has drawn controversy from the people there. The Jordanian state media, which is Jinn's background, reported that the series is criticized by many. Jordanian military sites even claim to be employing cyber criminal units to withdraw the series from Netflix streaming services in their country. It is mentioned that Jinn displayed a number of scenes that damaged morale of the citizen.

Jinn itself is a supernatural drama series that tells the story of Jinn in old city Petra. A group of teens must stop the ‘Jinn’ from destroying the world. The controversy, quoting Deadline, is that the character played by actress Salma Milhis must kiss two different men in two different scenes. Not only that, the ‘Jinn’ also said to have spoken harsh languages in the series.

After Jinn had been released on last week, the Interior Ministry asked to the series to be stopped immediately. But the Media Commission in Jordan said they have no control over the series, because it is broadcasted in streaming media. They can only control television and movies from the channel in the country. AFP reported Netflix Middle East has commented on the issue. They call the controversy over Jinn on Twitter "a wave of abuse". They consider the series to carry a universal theme.

Netflix International Deputy Head, Kelly Luegenbiehl told Arab News the company would produce four local series and learn from each others. "Four local series, our main goal is to spoil the audience from that country" she said.

She continued, "We are still new here, but we are developing, and I think what's great is that we can see how the audience responds to our local language content and our international content." Audience feedback is important for future decisions.


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