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These are the reasons why Sweden becomes the best place to be a parent an rise a child


IllustrationIllustration - Is there a best place to be a parent? Where the parents will feel safe leaving their child to work, or given convenience when carrying out their role as a parent? Sweden is the answer. This country is the best country to be a parent and care for children and the second best for family life in the world.

There are several reasons that make Sweden the best country to be a parent and take care of children. Sweden develops a support system for parents which included the following, quoted from the World Economic Forum.

Parents in Sweden get more paid leave to care for newborn children than other countries in the world. Parents in Sweden get a 480 day leave allowance. A total of 390 days leave paid 80 percent and the remainder is paid at a fixed rate. This paid leave can be divided 50-50 between two parents. There is also a minimum three-month leave period that cannot be transferred for each parent in 480 days.

Parents in Sweden can also take leave of up to 120 days per year to care for a sick child in the maximum age of 12. Parents are still paid 80 percent of their salary while taking this leave. Parents can even apply for compensation up to 60 days if their child is healthy, but want to take care of the child. This compensation fee is paid directly by the government, not a company where parents work in Sweden.

In addition to benefits for parents, children in Sweden also get the attention. They can attend preschool for free since they are one year old and compulsory from the age of three to six years. The government pays for three preschool hours per day. Preschools that focus on playing and learning are considered a bridge before entering school.

Parents with children under the age of eight who have not completed their first year of school are also have the right to reduce their work time by up to 25 percent. As a result, those who are supposed to work eight hours per day can get shorten to six hours per day.


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