Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Riau government is able to save millions of Rupiah worth of electricity


IllustrationIllustration - Ever since Syamsuar was chosen as the Governor of Riau and Edy Natar Nasution as the Vice Governor, they have enforced the civilians in Riau to save electricity usage. This is done in order to make the Regional Budget Revenues and Expenditures (APBD) more efficient. Their effort does not go to waste. Riau Provincial Government is able to save dozens of millions of Rupiah just by saving electricity.

According to Edy Nasution, there are 4 Regional Device Organizations (OPD) that are able to save much electricity. Those organizations are Regional Secretariat, Public Works and Spatial Planning Department, Education Department, and National and Political Unity Agency.

“These 4 OPDs are the ones most significant in saving electricity. The saving of electricity was done since Mr. Syamsuar and I were appointed as Governor and Vice Governor,” he said.


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