Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Riau police captured 30 people and confiscated 6 ecstasy pills during the raid on entertainment places


IllustrationIllustration - Directorate of Drug Investigation of Riau Police Department had raided on several entertainment places. They captured 30 people during the raid.

After urine test, it was revealed that 26 out of the captured 30 people have consumed drugs. They were then brought to Riau Police Drug Investigation Directorate.

Other than capturing drug-users, the police also confiscated several items of evidence. Among them are 6 ecstasy pills.

The raid was done by Riau Police on 8 entertainment places. Among them are Quenn and MP Club at Teuku Umar Street, SCH at Siak II Street, Keisa Karaoke and Pelangi Karaoke at Tuanku Tambusai Street and many others.


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