Saturday, 07 Dec 2019

Food and livestock security department of Meranti held competition for every food made of sago


IllustrationIllustration - The Food Crops and Livestock Security Department (DPKTPP) of Meranti Islands Regency held the Local Food Festival B2SA (Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe). The festival was held on Friday, in Afifa Building, at Banglas Street, Selatpanjang.

The Vice Regent of Meranti, H. Said Hasyim attended the festival and opened it officially. According to the Secretary of DPKTPP Sri Novriani, this event aimed to educate the houswifes to be more innovative and creative in cooking local ingredients.

“We have many potentials but the cooking process has not changed much. By cooking it a different way we can increase the people’s interest,” she said.

The main ingredient for this event is sago. There was no wheat flour included, thought they could use wheat flour for the snacks. The participants came from every district of Meranti.

“There are 2 participants from each district, so there are 18 participants from 9 district in total,” she said.


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