Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Kordias Pasaribu appreciate the police for capturing the most sought drugs dealer


Kordias PasaribuKordias Pasaribu -  Deputy chairman of Riau Regional People's Representative Assembly, Kordias Pasaribu appreciated the performance of the Riau Regional Police that succeeded in capturing the most sought drugs dealer, Satriandi and gang in Sidomulyo Barat Village, Tampan,  Pekanbaru city on Tuesday, July 24, 2019. 

"We are very grateful to the Riau Regional Police who succeeded in shooting Satriandi and gang. This incident was not sudden," Kordias said when Riau was confirmed.

According to Kordias, Satriandi's shooting step was the right step to be taken by the police. This is done in anticipation so that the perpetrators do not run away.

Then,Kordias also accused that there were strong people behind drug trafficking cases involving Satriandi. 

The PDIP politician asked the government and related agencies to immediately prepare the power to eradicate drug trafficking to its roots.

"We also ask the police in selecting new members of the police not to miss it like this, Satriandi," he hoped.

Kordias also said that Satriandi incident shows that the city of Pekanbaru is not only a place of entry, users but a safe place for drug trafficking. 

Therefore, he urged the police to continue cracking down on drug traffickers, such as snatchers who were not afraid to be shot on the spot by the police.

"Moreover, those who are currently being shot dead are former police officers involved in drugs whose cases we remember when they escaped from the Aryaduta hotel to flee, until the police were robbed of being insane," he said.

Reported earlier, Riau Regional Police (Polda) officers ended the escape of Satriandi's high-class criminals. 

The men who have a record of drug crime cases, murder and escape from the Pekanbaru prison were arrested on Tuesday July 23, 2019 in the morning.

Satriandi was arrested by the ranks of the Riau Regional Police General Criminal Investigation Directorate in Sidomulyo Barat Village, Handsome Pekanbaru City. 

In the arrest two people were killed, including Satriadi. 

"It is true, he was arrested in the area of Sepakat street," said Director of Riau Police Reskrimum Commissioner Hadi Poerwanto through Kasubdit III (Jatanras) AKBP M Kholid.






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