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Three essential rules to brew the perfect cup of tea


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Brewing not only affixes to the process of extracting the black gold out of coffee beans or the refreshments from beer fermentation, but this term also applies to the beverage that arguably has become a household staple worldwide, tea.

Indonesian Tea Masters Cup judge, Oza Sudewo shared three essential rules to brew the perfect cup of tea:

1. Pick the best grade tea
Picking the right type of tea is obviously the dominant ingredient that determines whether your cup of tea will end up exuding strong aromas with a rich aftertaste or not. There are a plethora of premium specialty tea products for you to choose that will definitely cater your taste buds.

2. Use mineral not distilled water
“This liquid could be seen as the forebearer of tea since 97 percent of what tea contains is water,” said Oza. He also suggests you use mineral water rather than distilled water since the latter option would eliminate the oxygen contents that would complement or enrich the flavors brewed from the tea itself.

3. The essential tea ware
Tea, in many forms, can be consumed simply as a thirst release but would have a greater effect if relished as a delight.  This is why the tools you need to brew a cup of tea can further pronounce your tea experience as in the use of proper cups, porcelain or glass, up to using the popular French press for some types of tea.






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