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Regarding the SK Minister of Forestry Case, Ariadi Tarigan Will Report the Panel of Judges and Chairman of the Siak District Court to KY and MK


Siak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi TariganSiak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi Tarigan - Siak DPRD Commission II member Ariadi Tarigan deplored the decision of the Siak District Court (PN) who sentenced former Kadishutbun Siak Teten Effendi and Director of PT Duta Swakarya Indah (DSI) Suratno Konadi.

In fact, the two defendants used a decree from the Minister of Forestry that had expired to obtain a location permit (Inlok) and a Plantation Business License (IUP).

"That's a crazy decision. What is the legal reason the two defendants were released. This is really crazy and we should suspect. I will continue to voice this so that the panel of judges is investigated," said Ariadi, Monday, August 12, 2019.

The Kandis District politician will report the panel of judges at the Siak District Court who are hearing the alleged forgery case together with the Chairman of the Siak District Court, Bambang Trikoro to the Judicial Commission (KY) and the Supreme Court (MA).

The panel of judges who tried the alleged fraud case with defendants Teten Effendi and Suratno Konadi namely Rozza El Afrina as Chief Judge, Risca Fajarwati and Selo Tantular as Member Judges.

According to him, KY and MA must study the conduct and track record of the judges in Siak District Court. Like Judge Rozza El Afrina, who was mentioned by name in a number of media in the Ongo case, in the Regency of Limapuluh Kota, West Sumatra, 2013.

At that time the panel of judges, in which Rozza El Afrina, refused the plaintiff's claim so that Ongo was free from fines. "In the case of PT DSI, judge Rozza El Alfrina also released Teten and Suratno," he said.

"Whereas the permit application submitted by the two defendants was rejected twice by the Siak Regent. This is no longer surprising, but very surprising," continued the legislator in Siak IV's electoral district.

Ariadi continued, in the near future, he will also report the Chairman of the Siak District Court, Bambang Trikoro who is suspected of carrying out public deception.

This is because Bambang Trikoro's statement in the mass media will not appoint a panel of judges who have tried PT DSI cases in the case of alleged fraud of the Minister of Forestry's Decree.

But in reality, Bambang Trikoro still appointed a panel of judges who also tried the PT DSI case with a different case number.

"We can see the digital footprint, clearly Bambang Trikoro's statement not to appoint the same majlis, but this is still appointed by the same assembly. Is that not public deception?" Ariadi straightforward.

In addition, Ariadi claimed to have received news that there was a meeting between PT DSI and the Siak District Court outside the trial in the Siak District Court. In fact, the meeting between the parties involved in litigation with the court outside the court is an ethical violation.

"We also want to get clarification from the Siak District Court whether the information is true or not. If it is true, if not answered, do not seem to hide information that has been circulating in public," he concluded.


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