Sunday, 08 Dec 2019

Raudathul Jannah Mosque Tualang Siak District Slaughter Animal Sacrifice Today


The Chairperson of the Raudathul Jannah Mosque, H Amiruddin handed over meat to the residentsThe Chairperson of the Raudathul Jannah Mosque, H Amiruddin handed over meat to the residents - Sacrificial animals which are usually slaughtered immediately after the implementation of Eid al-Adha prayers in various mosques and prayer rooms are commonplace.

But it is different from Raudhatul Jannah Mosque in Tualang Village, Tualang District. The mosque management together with the community agreed to slaughter the sacrificial animals a day after the Eid prayer.

This has been done every year, the mosque pilgrims dominated by the unity of the Kampar community in Tualang chose the second day of Eid al-Adha, because the first day of Eid was used for friendship from house to house.

"Allah has instructed us to carry out Eid al-Adha for 4 days, from the first day of prayer to the fourth day, which is tasyrik. And thank God we have done this for years," said Chairperson of the Mosque Management Raudathul Jannah, H Amiruddin to, Monday, August 12, 2019.

He said, the community also seemed more enthusiastic when slaughtering qurban animals, amounting to eight cows. "Alhamdulillah, the community's silahtutahmi looked tight during the second day of Eid," he said.

He conveyed, in addition to mosque worshipers, this sacrificial meat was also given to all the people in RW 09 Kampung Tualang and the people who asked directly to the slaughtering location.

"God willing, we give this meat to the whole community in RW 09 and its surroundings, if there are residents outside our RW who come to ask, surely we will also give," he said.

He also hoped that with the enthusiasm of the residents in carrying out the sacrifice, this could increase the friendship between residents in Kampung Tualang.

"Hopefully the hospitality in Tualang Village will be closely guarded. Minal Aidin Walfaidzin, apologize physically and mentally, safely carry out the Eid al-Adha worship for the people who carry it out," he concluded.


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