Sunday, 08 Dec 2019

Reviewing Karlahut, Regent Said 80 Percent of Inhil Prone Land Burned


Inhil Regent, HM Wardan reviewed the location of karlahutInhil Regent, HM Wardan reviewed the location of karlahut - The Regent of Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil), HM Wardan went directly to inspect the location of karlahut in Kelurahan Kempas Jaya, Kempas District, Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

Inhil Regent HM Wardan sees that the intensity of karlahut in Inhil is increasing given the hot and dry weather that is still happening.

At the location reviewed by the Regent, especially in the areas of RW 3 to RW 5, Kempas Jaya Village, Kempas District, it is known that land fires have reached more than 60 hectares.

Regent HM Wardan said, indeed almost 80 percent of the forests and land in Inhil District were prone to fire hazards, even the majority of the burned land was community-owned plantations that were untreated and unproductive.

"The community should pay attention to the surrounding land, especially those who have plantations and land to not leave the garden in a state of burning," he said.

The Regent also advised that the landowner community could check the condition of the plantation land periodically to ensure there was no fire so that they could anticipate the danger of land fires.

"For the owner of the garden and land must really ensure the condition of the garden and the land is safe and free of fire. Do not be negligent," ordered the Regent.

The review of the Inhil Regent, HM Wardan, to the karlahut location in Kempas Jaya Sub-district, Kempas Sub-district was also accompanied by the Inhil Wakapolres and the Acting Assistant of the General Administration of the Inhil Regency Regional Secretariat.

The Regent's arrival was welcomed by the Kempas District Head along with elements of Forkopimcam Kempas and the Kempas Jaya Village Chief.


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