Sunday, 23 Feb 2020

Destroy Hundreds of Mobile Prisoners, Kalapas Class IIA Tembilahan: Someone Try Entering from Underwear


The extermination of hundreds of handphones from the raid in Class IIA Prison TembilahanThe extermination of hundreds of handphones from the raid in Class IIA Prison Tembilahan - After holding the remission activity for inmates in Tembilahan Class IIA Prison, Kalapas together with the Inhil Regent destroyed hundreds of handphones from the raid in prison blocks, Saturday 17 August 2019.

Kalapas Tembilahan, Agus Pritiatno said, his party had collected the confiscated mobile phones since the raids were carried out from January to July 2019.

"Items such as cellphones and electronics are prohibited, we conduct raids on prisoners' cell blocks every day," said Kalapas Tembilahan.

He explained, there were around 150 cellphones from the raid that were destroyed by burning, which the communication equipment found under the pillow and prisoner's bed.

"We cannot find out where the cellphones come from. On average, prisoners who are found to have cellphones do not want to confess," Agus explained.

He added, if during the raid found cellphone officers in the room block, then the prisoner in question will be given sanctions including not being visited by family for 2 weeks.

"If it is found twice, we will put the sanction in solitary confinement for 1 to 2 weeks, if it is found 3 times, we will revoke the remission because it is considered to be misbehaving," he added.

Kalapas continued, indeed he had several times caught one of the prisoners' families who tried to enter the cell phone through the food that was brought but caught by the guard.

"Once the prisoners' family also tried to slip their cellphones in their underwear. That is the prisoners concerned, we must not be visited for 1 month," he concluded.


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