Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020

Netizens: Remember Meat of Ulama is Poisonous, Hashtag #StopKriminalisasi UAS Becomes Trending,


 Netizens wave the hashtag #StopaKriminalisasiUAS until it becomes trending (photo / int) Netizens wave the hashtag #StopaKriminalisasiUAS until it becomes trending (photo / int) -

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) was sued by a number of mass organizations for alleged lecture content. In the clarification of UAS which is a lecturer at UIN Suska Riau, it has been mentioned that the lecture was three years ago and specifically attended by Muslims.

But there are still CSOs who report Ustaz Abdul Somad who holds the Datuk Seri Ulama Setia Negara to the police. But netizens say reporting a lecture three years ago was considered to be looking for mistakes. Even netizens were waving about the hashtag #StopKriminalisasiUAS.

@ReccepAvril: "A fairytale country #StopKriminalisasiUAS."

@ gunawans77: "Remember the meat of the poisonous cleric #StopKriminalisasiUAS."

@yaseir_syuza: "When your eyes are open in the morning, make the sun jealous with a burning desire" Good morning. #StopCriminalizationUAS. "

@ Jun02_new: "There are only a handful of scholars who are still istiqomah with their idealism #StopKriminalisasiUAS #StopKriminalisasiUAS."

@Feriza alzahra: "Indeed, believers are one with another like a building. Some strengthen some of the others. And the Prophet joins his fingers" (HR Bukhari) Close the line of gaes ,, Don't let the UAS be punished by #StopKriminalisasiUAS. "

@Rohman Al-Amin: "ITE again, ITE again. Government instruments beat up scholars who like government criticism and opposites. In addition to other conventional legal tools. Namely the Penal Code, the Dutch colonial legacy. # Stop Criminalization of UAS."


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