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Kepala Satpol PP Pekanbaru Kirim Rekaman Video Berisi Tindakan Arogan Pejabat BNN Riau ke Wagubri Edy Natar


Pekanbaru Satpol PP Head Agus Pramono.Pekanbaru Satpol PP Head Agus Pramono. - Video footage of arrogant actions Head of the Eradication of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Riau Province Kombes Iwan Eka Putra already in the hands of Deputy Governor of Riau Edy Natar Nasution. At present, the recording has spread in the WhatsApp group that contains the heads of Satpol PP throughout Riau Province.

"I have the support of friends in the police and officials in the Riau Provincial Government. Many people also support," said Head of the Pekanbaru City Satpol PP Agus Pramono in his office page, Friday (08/23/2019).

The commotion between him and Kombes Iwan at KTV Grand Dragon, the New Hollywood Hotel area, on Friday morning, was reported to Deputy Governor of Riau (Deputy Governor) Edy Natar Nasution. As the coordinator of Satpol PP, Edy Natar praised Agus's actions.

"I sent the video recording last night to the Deputy Governor. I was shocked by the Deputy Governor to spread the video in the WhatsApp group containing the heads of Satpol PP in Riau," Agus said.

Responding to the fact that Kombes Iwan was undercover or undercover at the time, Agus considered it to be no problem. If indeed in disguise, Iwan's whereabouts should be unknown.

"I also served in intelligence (TNI AD). It's in my life history," Agus said.

The problem is, Iwan deliberately opened his own disguise. Not only that, Iwan was found drunk with a woman.

"Against me it is not undercover. Showing his greatness. As if, he back from there (New Hollywood Hotel and KTV Grand Dragon)," he said.

Apparently, Agus also requested data about the existence of Iwan to the New Hollywood Hotel management. It was revealed, Iwan had been staying for two weeks.

"Actually where is the undercover? I am also always undercover. I check the short-pants and plainclothes arena. No one knows that I am the Kasatpol PP," Agus explained.

If he was indeed undercover, Iwan should have remained silent. When asked by officers, it was enough to show Agus his identity.

"That's just great. Intelligence minded. That's what has to be praised. Don't disguise the disguise," Agus said.

After the commotion on Friday morning, Agus coordinated with the Head of the BNN Pekanbaru City AKBP Sukito. He could have contacted the Head of BNN Riau Untung.

"But that's not necessary for me. Supposedly, he is coordinating with me. If he feels right, go ahead. No problem for me," said Agus.

Reported earlier, the Head of the Eradication of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Riau Province, Senior Commissioner Iwan Eka Putra SIK, was involved in a dispute with the Head of the Pekanbaru City Satpol PP, Agus Pramono on Thursday, August 22, 2019 last night.

An argument broke out when Agus Pramono led a raid of visitors targeting the nightclubs in Pekanbaru City, where there happened to be Kombes Iwan and his staff at the venue.

Related to this, Kombes Iwan also spoke up about the commotion, which took place at the Dragon KTv nightclub on Jalan Kuantan Raya, Pekanbaru City.

According to him, during the incident the Eradication Field that he was leading happened to be conducting an investigation (under cover / secret) of the target, involving illicit trafficking of Narcotics, one of which was in the entertainment area.

Two agencies are in the same place with different tasks, making the intensity of the moment to be higher. The municipal police who were conducting a raid were confronted by BNN officers who were undercover for investigation purposes.

"The matter is just a miscommunication. Because I am also in the task of deepening the target, and PP Satpol officers are there," said Commissioner Iwan answered, Friday, August 23, 2019 afternoon.

He continued, undercover is indeed one of BNN's patterns to explore far deeper towards its target. The main point of undercover is secrecy, the tail of which triggers a verbal quarrel between him and Kasatpol PP Pekanbaru.


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