Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

3 hectares of Oil Palm in Bungaraya Burned, Siak again Contributes Hotspot


 (Land that has been overgrown with oil palm plants owned by residents in Bungaraya caught fire. /Lin) (Land that has been overgrown with oil palm plants owned by residents in Bungaraya caught fire. /Lin) -

SIAK - Still affected the haze of shipments from outside the Siak Regency, now Bungaraya District contributes back smoke in the City of the Palace.

The reason is, precisely in Jatibaru Village, Bungaraya District, Siak Regency, Riau land fires re-occur. At least 3 hectares of land that has been overgrown with oil palm belonging to residents burned.

This was revealed by the Sub-District Head of Bungaraya Subdistrict, Hendy Derhavin, he said, in the fire that occurred on Thursday (12/09/2019) in the afternoon as many as 3 hectares of the people's palm land were burned.

"Meanwhile, around three hectares of palm oil owned by residents have been burned. From residents' information, it happened last night around six o'clock or before Maghrib, "said the District Head Friday, (09/13/2019).

The Camat also said that at this time his side together with the TNI, Police, MPA and the community were fighting to extinguish the fire there.

"Here we and the Bungaraya Police Station are assisted by the TNI, MPA and the community is conducting a fire fighting, from the TKWL also participated. If the problem is caused by a temporary fire, it will be investigated later for the police affairs, "he added.

The Camat also hoped that with this incident the police could find out who did it. According to him, if there is nothing to burn, the land will not burn.

"We have often carried out information about the dangers of forest and land fires. The reality is that there is still a fire in Bungaraya. I hope the Police can uncover this case until there are suspects arrested, "he said.

A similar sentiment was also conveyed by Acting Head of Jatibaru Wasito Village, he stressed that the police could fully investigate the fire case in the village.

"Actually the people here are already furious about something like this. The wound in Jatimulya has not healed, this appears again in Srimersing even more broadly. As the village government, I hope to the police that this case will be thoroughly investigated, "he hoped.

On the other hand, Bungaraya Police Chief AKP Amarullah said, the cause of the fire still could not be concluded.

"We are again in the field to put out the fire, while the cause is still inconclusive. What is clear is that there is a fire, of course we will develop it again, "he said simply. ***


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