Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

A Death Body was Found Tied to a Chain and Put in a Aack


Source: tribunnews.comSource: - The body of a man was found by residents in the river of Cempaka Hamlet, Gampong Geulumpang Payong, Sungai Raya, East Aceh, Tuesday on 10 October 2019. The death body is know as Asnawi.

Langsa Police Chief, AKBP Andy Hermawan SIK MSc, through Sungai Raya Police Chief, Iptu Kun Hidayat said the body of the victim had been identified as Asnawi (37), having address at Keude Hamlet, Rantau Seulamat Village, East Aceh. Andy mentioned the Asnawi death body is currently still in the process of investigating the police.

This corpse is suspected to be a murder victim found in the river channel, Dusun Cempaka, Gampong Geulumpang Payong, Sungai Raya District, East Aceh, apparently Asnawi (37).

The condition of the victim when found bound by a chain and put in a sack.

"The victims' families have also looked at Langsa Regional Hospital and confirmed that this body was their family. Asnawi is a fisherman," explained the police chief.




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