Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Visit by the Dandim and Secretary of Kesbangpol, Principal of SDN 010 Sungai Beringin, Confessing


Dandim 0314 Inhil together with the Secretary of Kesbangpol Inhil provided motivation to students at SDN 010 Sungai BeringinDandim 0314 Inhil together with the Secretary of Kesbangpol Inhil provided motivation to students at SDN 010 Sungai Beringin - In the framework of the national teacher day, Commander of Kodim (Dandim) 0314 Inhil together with Secretary of the National Unity and Politics Office of Inhil visited SDN 010 Sungai Beringin Tembilahan District, Monday 25 November 2019.

The activity was also attended by Tembilahan Police Chief, Leo Dirgantara Ipda, Sekcam Tembilahan and representatives of the Inhil Education Office.

Principal (Kepsek) SDN 010 Sungai Beringin, Marhadi claimed his heart was flowering because it had been visited by officials from the Regency. "I am touched with joy at the arrival of the Dandim and Secretary of Kesbangpol Inhil," he said.

Meanwhile, Dandim 0314 Inhil, Lt. Col. Inf Imir Faisal reminded the students not to fight with the teacher, because the teacher was our parents so there was no former teacher's name.

"Teachers are one of the founding founders of education who have an important role in building human resources in Indonesia. Let's work together to create a unity of the TNI-People," said Dandim.

The commander hopes that the government can pay more attention to the fate of the teachers by improving their welfare and improving the facilities and infrastructure available in schools.

"Thank you for your dedication and dedication, keep up the spirit, be sincere, be patient in doing your duties as an educator," he hoped.

In line with the Secretary of Kesbangpol Inhil, Marlis Syarif who also hopes that at the moment of the national teacher's day, hopefully the teachers will always be enthusiastic in innovating and educating the nation's generation.

"We appreciate as much as possible to all teachers in Indonesia, especially teachers at SDN 10 Sungai Beringin for their dedication to educating children by implementing educational programs in schools," he said.


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