Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Siak Regent Alfedri Invited to attend the 2019 FFI Award Night


(Siak Regent Alfedri attends 2019 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Awards Night (photo / Lin))(Siak Regent Alfedri attends 2019 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Awards Night (photo / Lin)) -

SIAK- Regent of Siak Alfedri attended the 2019 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) Awards Night, which was held at the Grand Studio Metro TV, Kedoya, West Jakarta. In conjunction with the annual event, the Citra Award Award from 21 nomination categories plus 1 Lifetime Achievement award was handed over to individuals and film industry players in Indonesia.

"Tonight we have the honor to attend the highlight of the 2019 Citra Cup Award Night, as the highest appreciation event of Indonesian Film which is held once a year. Certainly as an area that is concerned about developing tourism and ecography, we get a lot of knowledge from this event, especially related to how the film as a work of art is appreciated, "said Regent Alfedri after the event, accompanied by the Head of Tourism Office Fauzi Asni.

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The Siak leader said, currently in the State of the Palace has begun to emerge young talents and talents in the field of film. Previously, he said, young people in Siak are also capable of making films with the theme of local cultural wisdom.

"From a number of indie films produced, it proves that in terms of quality, young people in Siak Regency are actually capable of producing good films," he said.

Since it was first held in 1955, the Indonesian Film Festival was conceived as a barometer of the development of Indonesian film quality. Through various awards given at the event, the public and filmmakers can read the best achievements that have been produced by film workers in the country over the past year. (R24 / Lin)


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