Harry Potter magic exhibition will take you off this world


Harry Potter magic exhibition will take you off this worldHarry Potter magic exhibition will take you off this world - Opened on 20 October, the Harry Potter magic history exhibition will be on display in England. The exhibition takes place at the library of United Kingdom it is still in secret.

However, the official website of the exhibition, Pottermore, leaked about it. Pottermore revealing images of the design company, Easy Tiger, that created the layout and format of the exhibition. It is known to exhibit combines artifacts from J. K.. Rowling, Publisher Bloomsbury, and collections of the library of the United Kingdom.

Easy Tiger company President, Bren Lardner, said the Harry Potter exhibition is like a game. "Because you can stirring up people's emotions. You want people to forget about the outside world and involved with the objects of magic," he said.

Easy Tiger ever designed a Herbology room. "Herbology is one of the spaces that has little changed from the concept," said Bern Lardner. "What we do in Herbology was using wooden greenhouse structures to give a sense of growth. In the middle of each exhibition, there are core features: plant pots, Wellington boots, and give a touch of green,"

In Space Astronomy, there are Globes in the middle and has circular shades. Bern called it a 'star light space'. There are also information boards that can be read, but this is not the usual boring name boards. "That story is beautiful. Loaded with three dimensional objects but we even took goods from the United Kingdom library collections that fit the narrative. "

' Harry Potter: A History of Magic ' will be opened on October 20, 2017 until 28 February 2018.



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