Here are the most terrifying ghosts in Indonesia


Here are the most terrifying ghosts in IndonesiaHere are the most terrifying ghosts in Indonesia -  Indonesia has many horrible of ghost stories. Pocong, kuntilanak, and genderuwo are one of the most famous ghosts in Indonesia.

But did you know, it turns out in Kalimantan or Borneo has the most horrible ghost figure in Indonesia.

Here are five ghostly that very horrible from Borneo :


1. The Kambe ghost
The Kambe ghost has a form of half goat and half human. It has a human body with long hair and legs like a goat. This ghost is described as having a dwarf body and usually annoys the local people's pet goats. Usually this ghost are in the bush and goat cages.

2. The Rabing ghost
Rabing has a shape like a mat contained in water. This ghost is usually found in rivers that are considered haunted. According to belief, this ghost can roll a man who swam until they lost their lives because of weakness


3. The Pontianak ghost
Pontianak ghost is also called as kuntilanak. Pontianak ghost is believed to have the form of a beautiful woman who is very long haired and dressed in white and has a horrible laugh. Usually often found in graves, trees, old houses and woods.

4. The Bute ghost
This ghost has a form like a cow but with a large size. This ghosts usually disturb animals that enter the forest and cause the death of cattle with foaming mouths.


5. The Deny ghost
This ghost has a head shape equipped with an organ from the neck to the stomach but without the body. It uses their wide ears to fly in search of it prey.  



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