Tragic, a baby died because not handled timely due has no down payment


IllustrationIllustration - Tiara Deborah Simanjorang  (4 months) died in the Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Kalideres, West Jakarta. Deborah died allegedly because is not handled in a timely manner due to the lack of a down payment to be paid to the hospital.

The actions of the hospital were assessed inappropriately if viewed by Health Act Number 36 Year 2009 Article 32 paragraph 1. According to the regulation, any patients who are in emergency situations should be handled in advance to prevent the condition grew critical.

"In emergencies, healthcare facilities, whether government or private, required to provide health services to rescue the lives of patients and the prevention of disability in advance," the sound of such article, as seen detikcom, Saturday (9/9).

"In emergencies, healthcare facilities, whether Government or private, are prohibited from rejecting patients and/or to request a cash advance," sound of the article 32 paragraph 2.

Earlier, Deborah is rumored to be in a critical condition. she even experienced blood coughing and shortness of breath.

Deborah was later taken to hospital. But the hospital refused to handle it because the family could not pay the down payment totalling Rp 19.8 million. Advance payment requested were Rp 11 million. Deborah's condition is getting down to passed away in Mitra Keluarga Hospital. News of the death of Deborah is circulating in social media and gain much sympathy.



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