Mummy of 18th King of Egypt dynasty found in Southern area of Egypt


MummyMummy - The King of Egypt, Anemhenat, mummies found in area of Luxor, southern Egypt. The Mummy Anemhenat is next to his wife, Amenhotep. The location of the tomb of the Mummy's discovery place it is estimated to be about 3,500 years old.

The team leader of Egypt expedition, Mostafa Al-Waziri mentions the actual artifacts belonging to Amenemhat, the name of a King, and his wife, Amenhotep, of the 18th dynasty of Egypt Kingdom. Though the male name usually is Amenhotep, but hints at a location redirect Amenhotep as a ' hostess '.

"The Tomb which is located in the necropolis of Draa Abul Nagaa contains mummies, sarcophagi, statues, pots, as well as other artefacts," said Ministry of historic Objects Egypt, Saturday (9/9).

From the grounds of the tomb, there is a door that leads into the space of a few square meters. There was found a two rather separate statue, leading to Anemhenat and Amenhotep. Under the feet of the two, there is a small statue that allegedly her son. The closed Tomb are thought to have been reused. Because, there are also found the sarcophagus of dynasty 21th and 22th.

There are two excavations holes there, and one of them allegedly is a former quarry of Amenemhat and Amenhotep Mummy. While from the pit in the yard, found the mummy of a woman and her two daughters. From initial analysis revealed how they lived to suffer during the period because of illness.




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