Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Deputy Chairperson of Riau Legislative Council, Zukri Misran, Confirmed that He wasn't Expelled During the Land Execution Process of PT PSJ Pelalawan


(Zukri Misran )(Zukri Misran ) -

Riau Council deputy chairman Zukri Misran stressed he was not expelled during the process of executing an illegal plantation owned by PT Peputra Supra Jaya (PSJ) in Pangkalan Gondai Village, Langgam District, Pelalawan Regency, January 19, 2020.

This PDIP Riau politician explained that he deliberately went down to the location because he wanted to meet with the community and try to calm them down and see the execution process and meet the Riau DLHK in the field.

"I have no other intention, just to meet the community for the benefit of the community, I will fight for it even though there has been a legal decision," said Zukri Misran, Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

Zukri said, when he went to the location, where the palm tree was uprooted, there were dozens of people who were holding banners to hold a demonstration but suddenly the police came and the community was dispersed by the authorities, even though the demonstrators only wanted to voice their aspirations and not disturb them execution process.

"People followed me who carried the banner, and spread it, but the police quickly dispersed, they only expressed their joy because there were representatives of the people present there," he explained.

According to him the position of the community did not disturb the process of land execution but there were three people who were secured, for the next security process.

"I am still talking to the Deputy Police Chief, at the Camp, I was not detained just to be warned, no expulsion of myself was wrong," he explained.

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So it was emphasized that this Pelalawan electoral board member noboby expeled him, but if there were those who felt that I was expelled it was a personal assessment.

"I am protected by the law, in carrying out my duties, I want to witness the execution of community land, I only want to provide support to the community because the community previously had also complained about the issue of community land disputes with the company," he concluded.



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