Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Shocked! In the Morning Cleaning Officers Found Cigarette Managers in Mamuju Died Hanging in Their Office


The victim when being evacuatedThe victim when being evacuated -A cigarette distributor manager in Mamuju City, West Sulawesi (Sulbar), was found dead in very dire conditions. The victim was hanging on the second floor of his office. The cause of the death of this temporary victim is allegedly due to suicide.

The victim's body, Evan Joshua (27), was first discovered by a janitor at Sumber Cipta Sulbar Company region, Jalan Ir Juanda, Mamunyu Village, Mamuju District, Friday (24 January 2020).

To the police, the witness who is also a janitor, Sahabiah said, the victim was found around 07.30 a.m. At that time he was cleaning the mess. Then a cellphone rang from the scene of the crime scene, Evan's victim's room.

"But whether we hang ourselves or there are other indications, we are still in the process of investigation," said Kasat Reskrim Mamuju Police, Akp Syamsuriansyah, at the Bhayangkara Mamuju Hospital, Sulbar.

The victim is a native of Jakarta, he was assigned to work
in the city of Makassar and only two weeks in the city of Mamuju to serve as manager of PT Sumber Cipta Sulbar region.

During the crime scene, the police found a number of items including liquor (alcohol) with an alcohol content of 14.8 percent that had been used up. In addition, a pack of cigarettes, matches, cellphones, and headsets.



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