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Mystic, Unique and Mystical Stories that Covered the Butt of the Siak Palace Cannons


(Stump cannon at Siak Palace (photo / Lin))(Stump cannon at Siak Palace (photo / Lin)) -

SIAK- Visiting the Palace of Siak Sultanate, there are many collectible items from the great kingdom of Riau that are still well preserved in the palace.

A unique story that envelops historical relics in the Siak Sri Indrapura Palace. One of them is the unique and mysterious story behind the hilarious butts story which is one of the collections of historical objects in Siak.

Asserayah Hasyimiah Palace or the Palace of the East Sun, has a characteristic ivory yellow color with an outer wall of brick and inner walls of ironwood. This beautiful gardened palace was built by Tengku Syarif Hasyim who became Sultan Siak XI from 1889-1908.

The palace was built in 1889 and completed 1893 with a building area of ??1,000 m2 and in Malay, European, Indian and Middle Eastern styles. This palace was used during the reign of Sultan Syarif Hasyim and Sultan Syarif Kasim II (1892-1968) alias Sultan Siak XII. Its original form is still maintained today, and so is the case with various items in the palace.

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Well, one of the items in the palace collection is a 1.5 meter long cannon named Merapi Buntung. There is an interesting story behind its name.

This cannon was stolen in 1960. Instead of stealing it intact, the thief cut the cannon into two pieces. He stole only the muzzle and left the base.

It is saidthat the thief was hit by a 'curse' from this palace. The thief got bad luck because the ship that was going to take him to Singapore sank in Salak Bay.

The cannon spout was found on the ship. Finally the cannon muzzles can be saved and returned to the Palace. When traveling history to the Palace of the Sultanate of Siak, do not forget to see this unique cannon because until now the stump cannon is still neatly arranged and can be seen in the palace of Sri Indrapura Siak.

Until now the stump cannon can still be seen and become one of the historic items that adorn the Siak palace, and also the stump cannon is one of the allure of visitors who come to enjoy the historical tourism in the Siak Palace. (R24 / Lin)



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