Not supported by Golkar, Harris stays forward as Governor candidate


Not supported by Golkar, Harris stays forward as Governor candidateNot supported by Golkar, Harris stays forward as Governor candidate -  DPP Golkar Party has decided Riau Governor, Arsyadjuliandi Rachman as a candidate for governor in 2018.

This is evidenced by the has issued a decree from the DPP Golkar not long ago.

HM Harris who is also a candidate for governor from Golkar, make a press conference at Pondok Patin Restaurant Pekanbaru, Soedirman street related to his decision advanced or not on Thursday, 7 September 2017.

To the media, he said that he would stay ahead as a candidate for Riau governor although not supported by Golkar.

"I will stay athought not supported by Golkar," said the DPP's decision as a cadre to accept the decision, "he said.

When asked about the reason for him to go forward, the regent of Pelalawan said there are two reasons he was determined to go forward.

First, based on elektabilitas survey results that conducted by DPP Golkar, HM Harris has the highest survey of other candidates.

Second, if Harris is selected, he will help the national policy with the potential that exist in Riau in today's global competition.

"That is two reasons, to make I intend to keep going forward," he concluded.

Related to the blessing that he get from the chairman of Golkar Riau DPD who also as Governor of Riau, Harris claimed that he received support.

"From the DPP also give supports, and all Golkar cadres who want to go forward look for other sanpan," he said.

Harris also said that so far he has made a communication approach with all existing political parties to find a boat.

"All parties I have explored, which party expressed his support to me is still a secret," he concluded.



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