Pregnant model be the main theme of Echaus Latta Fashion Show


Pregnant model in Echaus Latta Fashion ShowPregnant model in Echaus Latta Fashion Show - Pregnant model rare to be appeared, especially when their pregnant are already big enough. When pregnant, the model is mostly 'housed' in advance until they gave birth. But not in this fashion show. The designers thus appoint a central pregnant models to show off the collection.

Fashion brand named Eckhaus Latta select model who was pregnant. The model Maia Ruth Lee even performed with the big pregnant bellies with contained eight months of age.

"To have a group with the gender that has race, height and size as well as wearing the same clothes and makeup, I don't think that it is interesting," said the owner of the brand Eckhaus Latta, Zoe Latta was quoted as saying of Harper's Bazaar.

Maia managed appeared mesmerized by belly pregnant. Maia performed with long cardigan which was unbuttoned, but on the part of the stomach is not deliberately unbuttoned.

Her pregnant belly was fully exposed. Sexy impression presented in appearance though performed with a closed fashion. Believed to be the middle of the great model though pregnant certainly make Maia happy at once proud.



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