Former basketball athletes is crowned as the longest legs in the world


Ekaterina LysineEkaterina Lysine - Do you still remember Ekaterina Lysine? Russia model which her height reached 206 cm. Lysine has a high 9 in 6ft or equivalent to 206 cm without shoes. Former basketball athlete ever earned a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics also feels that she is not only the tallest model in Russia but also the world.

Now Ekaterina Lysine officially crowned as woman with the longest legs in the world. He broke the 2018 world record Guinness World Records book after officially measured by global authorities in last June.

29 years old woman said has leg length 52.4 inch or equivalent to 133 cm. For women's shoe size, she regularly use number 47.

Ekaterina Lysine also told when she reached 16 years of age, she was hesitant to choose between a career become a basketball athletes or models. However, because the highest model that first foray into basketball athletes and sometimes won the match, then she select her passion in sports. It used to be, now he continued his career as a model.

She admitted her height talent derived from both of her parents. The father is 198 cm tall while her mother is 188 cm. "I liked the attention. I think my height can certainly help my entire career in the world of modeling because there is not a lot of models that have long legs like me," her proud moment when appeared on This Morning show.

Her father, Viktor Lysine, said if he already felt his daughter was born with a length that is much higher than average. Even when already started school, his brother or father both often come to school because she was often bullied by her friends because of the size of her feet.

"When we picked her up at the hospital we already know that her legs are really long. I also remember she was bullied at school because being the highest," said Viktor



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