Frank De Boer dismissed after 77 days managed Crystal Palace


Frank de BoerFrank de Boer - Just 77 days Frank de Boer manage Crystal Palace. He recently was laid off from his position.

"Crystal Palace this morning already split with Frank de Boer. We would like to thank Frank over the dedication and hard work for the Club, "said Palace in the description on the official website,

"The new Manager will be appointed soon and we pray for Frank the best in his future. There is no further comment for the time being," continued the statement.

De Boer was appointed to handle Palace on 25 June. He just became Manager of the Palace during 77 days before the laid off on September 11. BBC predicts Roy Hodgson would be appointed Palace as his successor.

In the period features in the Palace, De Boer pass five competitive matches with one victory and four defeats. The Palace itself is now ranked 19th in the Premier League standings without a point.

Prior to this, De Boer coached Inter Milan. He was discharged in November 2016, after 85 days of occupying Nerazzurri allenatore.



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