Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Great! This 4th Grade Elementary School Kid from India Successfully Made Many Applications, One of Which was an Anti-Bullying Application


Meaidaibahun MajawMeaidaibahun Majaw - Often finding cases of bullying at school, a nine-year-old girl in Shillong develops a mobile application that allows one to report anonymously about a kidnapping incident she has experienced to the authorities.

Meaidaibahun Majaw, a Grade 4 student, said that She had found a solution to bullying, after he became a victim of bullying in her school.

"I have been intimidated at school since I was in child care. It affects me. I hate it so much that I always look for solutions. There are no other children who have to experience the same thing," Majaw told PTI.

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The application, which will soon be available on Google Play, allows victims, who do not want to reveal their identities, to report their bullies to teachers, guardians, and friends.

Not stopping at the application, Majaw apparently has built another application, which helps customers at her resort in Tyrna to order food without human intervention. She hopes that experts record her work.

Her efforts have been appreciated by the Lakmen state minister of education Rymbui, who said that the girl would grow up to be a responsible citizen.

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Based on the investigation, it turned out that Majaw was able to make sophisticated applications at a relatively early age, which was inseparable from the course she had attended. Dasumarlin Majaw, her mother, said that the girl had enrolled in an application development course in September last year, and learned the skills in a few months.

Majaw hopes she will be among young coding experts from India to get a scholarship to travel to Silicon Valley to meet with investors.



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