Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Don't Take It Trivial! Just Because of Waiting for Friends, a Participant of 2019 CPNS SKD Must Wait a Year to Register Again


InternetInternet - The goal of one of the participants of the CPNS 2020 SKD Test for Musi Banyuasin (Muba) Regency, Lois Pernando Nandito to become a State Civil Apparatus (ASN) was forced to have to depend temporarily again.

The reason is, because of waiting for his friend, Lois was forced to postpone his hopes to pass the CPNS test because he was late in taking the first session exam at 08.00 am.

From observation on the field Saturday (08 February 2020), there were three CPNS test participants who were late to take the test because they were 15 minutes late.

So that the three of them could not take the test because the system locked automatically, while the other two test participants looked gloomy and did not want to talk.

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As a result of his slowness, he felt disappointed because being an ASN was his parent's wish.

Meanwhile, Palembang VII Regional Office Head Agus Sutiadi said that his party urged participants to come 90 minutes early to take the test.

Because 5 minutes late participants will immediately fall.



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