Friday, 28 Feb 2020

The First Journalist who Leaked the Real Terrible Information About Wuhan's Condition was Missing, He Was Allegedly Kidnapped by the Authorities


Chen QuishiChen Quishi - A Chinese journalist mysteriously disappeared after recording the actual condition of Wuhan. He also said he was not afraid of the government.

He is Chen Qiushi, a lawyer, and 34-year-old citizen journalist.

Reporting from, Chen including a prominent figure in China.

He opposed the monopoly which was tightly controlled by the Communist Party regarding information.

Chen is also a citizen journalist who is vocal in broadcasting any news about the actual conditions in Wuhan, China.

By only using smartphones and social media accounts, Chen told his story and real condition from Wuhan and some other isolated places Hubei Province.

Chen did that at more than 100 posts from Wuhan, for two weeks.

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Through the video that was broadcast, he showed Coronavirus patients who were simply put in the hospital corridor.

He also had time to record the bodies of the alleged victims of the Coronavirus.

Chen's video has been watched millions of times on his blog, to the point of taking police attention.

Through a video uploaded to Youtube Coronavirus Live Archive, last Thursday (30 January 2020), Chen said, the police had called him.

The police also want to know where he and his parents are.

"I'm afraid," he said.

"Viruses are everywhere. I have the legal and administrative power of China," Chen said in an emotional voice and tears running down his cheeks.

"I only report what I see and I hear," he said.

A week later, Chen's mother uploaded a video on Twitter on Friday (07 February 2020).

In the 29-second video, she said Chen could not be contacted.

She begged the help of citizens to find her son.

On the evening of the same day, Chen's friend named Xia Xiaodong said, Chen had been forcibly quarantined for 14 days.

The tempo is considered the maximum incubation period for the virus.

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Xia said Chen was healthy and showed no signs of infection.

However, when he begged the authorities to call Chen, his request was not heeded.

Until now, Chen has not been contacted.

Its specific existence is not yet known with certainty.

On social media, concerns were raised that Chen had been kidnapped by government officials because the country was implementing a strict system of information about the Coronavirus.

Maria Repnikova, a communications professor at Georgia State University who researched Chinese media, said that what Chen shared was very different from anything that was displayed in the media so far.



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