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Ladies, Now You Don't Need to be Confuse Anymore, These Are 10 Signs of Adult Men When Building Relationships


IllustrationIllustration - Ladies, having a dating relationship is not always smooth. Frequently, a relationship is tested by various trials. It could be that your relationship is always having many problems because your partner is not an adult. To find out these 10 things can be your reference.

1. Be open with you about the things he likes

You can say that he is quite mature through how open he is with his personal information. He did not refuse to answer basic questions about career goals, to matters relating to his family. He just let you into his life without you having to ask.

2. He always assures you

You do not need to question his intentions, because everything he does has proven that he deserves your trust. You never catch him lying or feel he is not honest with you. He didn't even pretend to be anyone, because he was comfortable with himself.

3. Want to tell their fears

Men may be a little afraid to open up, but when he is opening, listen to him. Don't interrupt his conversation with your story so he is not offended. Here you just need to listen. The more your partner is accustomed to being open with you, the more he trusts you. But, make sure that you don't talk about it to other people.

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4. Can keep its promises

Your partner knows that promises are not just made, they must be kept. He keeps up with what he says and he always makes you feel prioritized. So if your partner continues to break their promises, it's time to move on!

5. Open about the cellphone with you

It's hard indeed to not be protected with your own cellphone. Sometimes when someone just accidentally reads your conversation, you immediately feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when your partner is already open with his cellphone and doesn't cover anything, it means he is an adult male. However, don't become too protective by trying to find out everything, make your partner feel safe in this relationship.

6. He is serious about you and doesn't depend on you without status!

So who is here like to ask, "What are we?", "What do your partners usually answer? If he answers with the sentence, "Just do it first", hmm ... I guess you have to think again, is he really the right guy? Men who dare to commit and give status are one of the characteristics of adult men. Are you sure you want to hang it up?

7. Never discussed his ex

Your partner still often talks about his ex? Plus when telling stories about his ex he is always passionate and sheds his frustration? Who knows it means that your partner still harbored feelings with his ex. One of the characteristics of a mature man is that he is able to forget his ex and is serious about the relationship he is currently living with you now. If it turns out that he hasn't moved on, you better move on from him first.

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8. He plans exciting activities for you to live

It must be upset if our partners always answer with, "It's up to you". Well, one of the characteristics of a grown man, he always plans a lot of things to spend with you. From start planning where to go to planning activities that you will do there.

9. Always be able to control his emotions well

Everyone must have felt angry. However, men who are mature can always control their emotions well. He does not explode easily and vents to the people around him. Adult men can channel their anger into more positive things.

10. Always try to protect you and be reliable

The trait of your partner is a grown man is he will always try to protect you because seeing you hurt so the thing that he most did not want to see. He can also always be relied upon because you are always a priority for him.

That's some of the characteristics of men who have grown up in a relationship. Does your partner have these characteristics, Ladies?



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